Arboriculture Services

We are experts in all areas of plant and tree healthcare. The majority of us who have trees within their garden or yard want them to stand tall forever. We will maintain your landscape looking great through the proper pruning of your trees. We also do removal of trees and brush, including the important stump grinding which will keep your yard blemish free.

We also do Vista pruning, which sometimes requires getting approval by your town conservation. In New England it is common that homeowners enlist the services of a tree pruner to vista prune trees in order to improve a view of the ocean, pond, stream, mountain, or various other beautiful settings we are fortunate enough to have in our corner of the country.

There are two main techniques that are used when vista pruning; and they are crown reduction, and tree thinning. Reducing the crown consists of pruning the upper portion of the tree, effectively opening up views above the trees. Crown reduction works especially well when the desired view is in the distance and the viewing platform - be it a house, deck, patio, etc - is elevated.

We also do Phragmite removal, which is a perennial wetland grass that can grow to 6 to 15 feet high. Many times this will require approval by your town’s conservation committee.

Serving All of Cape Cod, from Cotuit to Chatham, Osterville to Orleans, Woods Hole to Wellfleet.

vista pruning in Osterville, MA