Driveway Installation

The installation of a driveway is an essential step in enhancing the appearance and value of your property. These are a few different types to choose from. You should go with the one that suits your home style and budget. The main types include asphalt, chipseal, natural stone, gravel and sea shell.

Asphalt driveways we will deliver and spread processed hardener and compact it. We’ll fine grade it and pave a two-course application of hot asphalt consisting of 2” binder course and 1” of top course. Gravel driveways require a subbase, installed stone as finish and then compact. A chip-seal driveway consists of 2” asphalt binder, a layer of liquid asphalt emulsion, and 3/8” native stone rolled in. Sea shell driveways are similar, but are installed with crushed sea shells as the finish. Natural stone driveways also use require the same sub-base, but are dry-laid in a sand setting bed.

Serving All of Cape Cod, from Cotuit to Chatham, Osterville to Orleans, Woods Hole to Wellfleet.

concrete block driveway Cotuit, MA
crushed stone driveway Orleans, MA