Pruning of Plant Materials

Proper pruning normally leads to the much healthier and hardy plant. Correct pruning also renders the shrub in its real form, not fashioned into something it is not. Using proper horticultural practises, we prune and shape all ornamental shrubs under 12’. We will clean and remove all debris after the work is done.

Shearing, also known as heading, is utilized to form shrubs into desired shapes as in a hedge or as a topiary. While the plants are aesthetically pleasing, they're seldom healthy. Shearing leads to stimulating a lot of new growth at the very outside of the plant from where the cuts are made. This heavy growth then inhibits light from reaching within the plant, resulting in the interior to be restricted in foliage and consist of primarily branches. Also known as renewal pruning, this extreme pruning consists of cutting the plant completely back to a height between six to twelve inches. As this can be quite hard on a plant, it's not ideal for all shrubs.

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