Specialty Garden Design & Installation

To achieve the garden of your dreams, we’ll start by sitting down with you and planning the garden of your dreams. A good mix of perennials and annuals will keep your garden full of colorful blooms all season long. We’ll help you choose the right flowers and shrubs to suit your taste and needs. Good garden design isn’t just about choosing colors that complement each other—it’s also about choosing the right plants that complement your aesthetic and needs. We’ll look at your yard, garden or site and come up with a design that fits.

Gardens and flower beds come in a variety of styles, as well. Some homeowners prefer the natural look, which is achieved by planting a mix of annuals and perennials of varying heights and allowing them to grow as they would in nature, with little or no shaping. Other gardeners prefer a more formal look, with plants of uniform height and color and shrubs that are good for shaping into neat mounds or square hedges.

Serving All of Cape Cod, from Cotuit to Chatham, Osterville to Orleans, Woods Hole to Wellfleet.

flower garden in Cotuit, MA