Stone & Seashell Driveways

Stone has been utilized on driveways, walkways and paths for thousands of years. And, although it results in one of the most affordable driveway alternatives, a properly designed and constructed stone driveway can really make a grand old house seem even grander. A loose stone driveway lasts practically forever. Surely, with the minimum upkeep, there is no reason your driveway should not be good as new a hundred years from now.

Crushed seashell driveways are natural, beautiful, organic, and embrace the ambience of Cape Cod. A fantastic option to gravel, crushed shells can be utilized on paths, patios, courtyards, driveways, as well as bocce ball courts (the shells do not trap water or even imprints from shoes and balls). As the shells are stepped on or driven over, they tend to crack into smaller pieces that distribute equally, setting up a stable surface that is not vulnerable to the ruts and holes you tend to have with crushed stone surfaces.

Another advantage is that, assuming they originate from a sustainable harvesting operation, shells are eco-friendly. They supply superb drainage, since rainwater runs through them to percolate into the soil. And shells are an organnic material that benefits the ground underneath as they decompose. Another advantage is that, as long as they originate from an environmentally friendly harvesting operation, shells are environmentally friendly.

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