Stone Walls & Walkways

The typical garden wall used natural stones that were usually found around the region. Because rock is quite heavy, walls are still frequently made from material that is easily available in the area. If you decide to use stones which need to be transported a long distance, you can easily find yourself paying three or four times more.

Natural stone is split into three types. Igneous rock - that's comprised of granite and traprock. Sedimentary rock - consisting of sandstone and limestone. Metamorphic rock - marble, slate, schist, gneiss, and quartzite. Natural stone can be found in three different types. The appearance of the stone usually defines the type of the wall. Natural shape - each stone is often placed and mortared together within their natural shape. This can be accomplished with large rocks, smaller stones as well as pebbles. Flagstone - This kind of stone gets its shape from natural breaks. They are usually flat slabs or parts of assorted sizes and shapes. Cut bricks or blocks - Natural stone may also be cut into consistence shapes. This is used often by modern-day designs.

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